Thursday, October 14, 2010


Every Monday morning, there will be a formal school assembly. Same to this week, all the teachers and pupils will gather at the assembly court. It was a cold morning because last night was raining heavily. The pupils started to make line according to their class. The teachers sit in front of the pupils and wait for the assembly to start.

After a few minutes managing the pupils, the assembly started as usual. We recite prayers and then sing national anthem.The teacher that was on duty started to give his talks and advises after that. Everything went smoothly like every other weeks.

Suddenly, one of the teacher had see something interesting in the year 1 pupils line. Somebody was playing hide and seek with the teacher. I sit beside the teacher, so I noticed them. Suddenly the teacher whispered to me that he had saw Romzi smiling to him and what attracted him was that Romzi did not wearing any shoe!

We just let the assembly finished first before we approached Romzi. We do not want to disturb the ceremony. After the assembly finished, we tried to ask Romzi about his school shoe but he just smiling without telling anything. I knew he is sad inside. We gave him a pair of a new shoe to him. He running happily again. Luckily our school have a store that keeps all school uniform to give to the pupils for some of this reasons.

Actually, Romzi stays in the hostel. Maybe his friends had borrowed his shoe or maybe he left it somewhere and forget the place. He just year 1 pupil that still learning to manage himself. If you come in the evening, you can see lots more pupils barefoot. It is not because we did not give them slipper, it just because their careless. Some of them, when they got a pair of a new slipper they keep it in their house and choose to barefoot. They want to keep the slipper to look new. It is something I never think people will do before!

Watching Romzi still wearing school uniform that morning makes me feel proud of him. He still want to come to school although he do not have shoe. He still want to learn although he is far from his parent. I hope Ramzi can learn well in the class too. :)

p/s: Another courses to attend this November :) Yay!


  1. I love your love for your Temiar pupils! Keep it up! IPGKKB is so proud to have you as our graduate!

  2. Ya, I can see your love for them and towards the profession itself.As teachers, we just couldn't give ourselves without 'love'.God bless you Cikgu Apis.


Superb! ;)