Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Which way to follow?

We always need to decide which way for us to follow. It happens like everyday. Although sometimes it is just a small matter, but we still need to decide and choose the best one to make sure that we are on the right track always.

Being a teacher means that you always to be careful on choosing the way you taking. You will always be observed my your pupils specifically because you meet them every week and by the community around you commonly. what you choose to do will effect what appears on your spectators (i mostly mean the pupils). Like the behaviour for example, if you choose to appear easily to smile to your pupils, it will effect their acceptance to your teaching in the class. Another example is what you wear to school and how you wear it. if you looks messy, it will turns the pupils messy too.

Actually, I wrote this entry just want to share about the difficulties to choose the correct way sometimes when you are in a new place. Yeah, I am not really new in this school anymore but there will be some things that I do not know which one to follow. For example, when you were teacing in a new place and know the community in the school, you will also know some of the behaviour that already turn into the culture of the school. You may like it or not like it. You need to choose whether to like it and follow it and you will be accepted or you can choose not to like it and not follow it and be ignored by the community.

For me, the good things is always good to follow. It will lead into many others good things that we never expected. but if we make wrong decision and choose the bad things to follow, it will effect ourself like we never notice it at all. Same like the principal of the toilet. when you enter a toilet that is a smelly, you said you cannot stand with it but when you already in it for like some minutes, suddenly you feel comfortable and no more smelly things around you!

p/s: Lets think wisely and be honest with self!

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