Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Visit to Johor and Extra Singapore!

I just came back from Johor Bharu. I had visited some of my best friends there. Yeah, they just like me - a new teacher (for 2010). Being the only new teacher that had been posted to SK Kampung Kenang make me feel quite lonely sometimes. So, I really want to hear what had happened to them after about a year they were in the new school. I really like to exchange opinions with them as usual when we were studying together before. Lucky for them to been posted together with another new teachers. More lucky to Azri and Adli where they had been posted to the same school!

I feel so happy to spend a few days together with them. I think I had talked so much to make use the time I is not easy for me to meet in person like this visit anymore because we all live far to one another. I spent the first night in Khairy's house and the second one in Adli's house. I met not only with them but also Azri, Ain, Asyikin, Zaki, Muhaimin and Naim.

It was so great to hear the story about their school. Some were so funny, some were so strict and some still having difficulties to control the children. For me, it just a same situation with what happened to me in my school. Everyone have their own first year story that can make them remember it for a long time. I really enjoy to hear each of the story and also happy to tell mine.

I also had opportunity to see some of the school, some of the houses of my friends that suddenly had to stay far from their home town. That is a sacrifice that we had to do when we enter the world of education. But I believed all of them had a great strength and patient to live their life a s a teacher in the place. I really feel motivated!

Oh, other than visit the school and the house, they also bring me to visit some nice places in Johor Bharu. We also take the chance that we have to visit Singapore! It was so great to do all that in a few days of my visit. I really enjoy it. Thank you a lot guys. You had brighten my day and most of all had share with me a really motivated and wonderful stories. I hope that we will meet again. Who knows you will come and visit me in this orang asli temiar school later...hehe ...

p/s: i got a flu after back from Johor! a long journey from Johor Bharu to Alor Setar, 13 hours and a cold air conditioner


  1. just came again k...u left something at my house..he3..

  2. apakah yang apis tinggal tu? hihi.

  3. he3..xde pe2 pon ije... d^_^b


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