Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Butterfly Story :P

I had a chat with Puan Habsah (PK 1) this afternoon. She told me that she saw a year 2 girl scream loudly and running outside the classroom like something terrible happened to her. So, as quickly as she can, Puan Habsah ran to see the girl to ask what had happened to her. The girl stop screming and she looked at Puan Habsah and said “the butterfly had chasing me!”. Puan Habsah was quiet confuse for a while than she saw a butterfly at a flower tree.

The girl show the butterfly to Puan Habsah and told her that it was the butterfly that chasing her.So, the girl go near to the butterfly and try to touch it. Then the butterfly fly toward her and she scream again. Now, Puan Habsah know what the girl means. She just smile and said "This butterfly did not chasing you dear, it fly because you try to touch it”

Actually, Puan Habsah was going to asked the children to stay in the classroom. Maybe the girl found that she had been on=observed playing outside so that she give a funny excuse. Or maybe she just imagine that butterfly is a monster try to chase her. Whatever the reason is, it make me smile thinking of it.

p/s: no butterfly in the picture above, so don't try to find one :P