Monday, August 23, 2010

Should I feel frustrated with them?

I entered year 5 class to teach Mathematics as usual today. I begin the class as usual to teach multiplication of money. The class today will focus on multiplication of fractions with money. I asked them what operation involved with the numerator when it comes to multiply the number. They started to play around. The note about my question is just on the wall behind me. I tried to tell them but they were still not trying to answer my question seriously.

I was a bit frustrated with them. Then I asked all of them to stand up and I just be quiet. I told them to reflect on what they had done that make me feel hurt. I also take time to gain strength again to forget what had happened. I do not want to waste my time either. i know that some of them know the answer (especially the advance learners) but they were too comfortable before.

Then I started to teach again and try to forget what had happened. i told them not to repeat the same action again. It is not good for them. They should try to remember what they learn before instead of just playing. Maybe this situation is the situation that the other teacher always told me before why teachers always frustrated teaching orang asli people. They did not take serious what you had taught to them. They act like they never learn it before.

I just do not want to take this too serious and I still have believed in them especially to some group of pupils. I know that some of the good pupils feel so comfortable in the class until they do not feel they need to learn hard. They know that they are advance in the class. If they did not work hard, they still the one that will get the good marks although the marks just enough pass.

I believed that this situation make them feel so comfortable in their zone. I just hope that they will realize that they should try harder to learn in the class. I will keep my eye on them and hopefully will stay strong to motivate them and make them realize how important to learn and study.I do not want to let my frustration today take control. I want to try.

p/s: I am planning to go to Johor to meet some friends. I want to hear some stories from them. Must be so great!


  1. Keep on trying Apis
    Feeling a bit frustrated is okey but dont give up.

  2. Thank you Puan Norizan ;) I will keep trying InsyaAllah :)

  3. apis...we r pleasure to hear dats...welcome to johor!!


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