Monday, July 12, 2010

Up and Down

First year of being a teacher is not really easy. You need to learn lots of things from managing the classroom until managing your time. Everything needs to be learned and experience in the first year. Sometimes you had been given a task that you never think you had to do in a school and in the same time you need to learn how to tackle pupils' understanding in the classroom. Many things you had to consider. I believed that to be a teacher means that you need to be ready to accept all of these things and have lots of patient.

Until 7 months being a teacher, I also struggle a lot to manage myself to suit this profession. I still learn to teach my pupils well and also struggle with everyday life too. Sometimes it is so difficult to do both things together. I learn that to be a teacher, sometimes you will bring back the problem that you are facing in the school to home. As for example, you will think about how to help your pupils not only when you are in school but you also bring the thought when you are in home too. It will be very difficult if you cannot manage this entire thing as soon as possible.

Sometimes I have a very high motivation and that is really good. But sometimes I also have the time that my motivation is low. When the motivation is low, this is the time that we will feel that everything is so difficult to do and when you do the things everything going wrong. At this moment, I believed that the best way for you to do is to whisper positive words to yourself. I believed that it will help a lot in raising your motivation again. it maybe not really much to help you but at least it will help you to feel better. I always do this to myself and it helps me a lot. Positive words like 'Apis, you can do it!", "Apis you are strong" helps me a lot to be motivated again.

Yeah, sometimes sit is easier to say than to do. I always feel difficult to make sure that I am on the right track sometimes. But this is all what we need. Problems are the ways that we learn about life. Without we notice, problem will make us strong and make us be better than yesterday. I hope that I will be strong than before too and the entire thing that i learn now will help me in the future.

p/s: one way of motivating myself is by writing ;) and reading too ;)

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