Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teaching addition, bowling style :P

Now, my year 1 pupils already learn about addition. So, I had introduced them with a simple game that can let them explore their ability to add numbers. I teach addition through bowling. It just a simple game but it is interesting and practical to do in the classroom.

I used bottles to make the bowling pin. Luckily i like to collect and keep the yogurt drink bottles. So, I just recycle this bottles and turn them into teaching materials. it save my money and it also can encourage the pupils to be creative.
The game is so simple. I divide the pupils into 2 group. Then, the pupil will throw the ball and count how many bottle fell down. Then the same pupil will write it on the board and add the marks. All the pupils will repeat the same activity until all of them do it.

I know that some of the pupils did not really understand what they are doing. But I can see that the advance pupils get a lot of confidence in addition by helping their friends to add the marks. The slow learners at least can learn to count the bottles and write the number correctly on the board. It is quite difficult to teach some of the slow learners actually. Maybe they did not really ready to get addition skills because they still struggling to recognize numbers. I believed that they need lots of time to really recognize numbers. However, I feel glad to see they enjoy the activity and happy doing it. at least the class was active and everybody wants to take part in the lesson.

p/s: I try to think what is in pupils' mind... ;)

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