Monday, July 19, 2010

Durian season!

Durian...durian...durian... start from last week, durian season had come to Kenang village. It so easy to get durian and it is so cheap.

A few days before, when i just arrived at school from home and I was busy moving my bags from the car, suddenly I heard someone called me. Oh, it was Baizura and Erma; my year 5 pupils. They came to me to give me a surprise present that they bring from the home. It was a durian. haha...thanks a lot...its surprise me actually because I did not expect that they will bring it for me. However they make me smile while eating the durian...


Today I had follow some of my friends to go to the village and to buy some durians. We went there by a lorry. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the village and you need to go through a rough road. When we arrived at the village, there was lots of durian's tree there. As a person who did not really know about durian tree before, I was quite amazed...I never thought that the tree is so big there are so many durians hanging just on a tree. i thought that the tree is not so big but i was wrong! haha...I admit that I am not really know about durian tree and some other fruit tree too. So, I was so glad with this visit.

I am not planning to buy any durian for me today but will buy it on Thursday so that I can bring it home for my family. Actually, I am not really a fan of durian, but still like it sometimes. haha... Since its the durian season here, I decided to celebrate it! I think this is one of the best and special thing to stay and teach in this village. haha..."rezeki jangan ditolak" ;)

p/s: before we headed back, suddenly one person from the village talked about Cempedak (i forgot the name in English ...haha...will find it it something to do with snake skin...haha) I was excited to hear it and ordered the fruits from him... ;)

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