Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bird Activity with Year 3

Today I had done the bird activity again but this time with year 3 pupils. I planned to let the pupils do some creative activity while learning multiplication. The focus was to complete the multiplication table of 6 and 7 by add the numbers repeatedly.Just as same as what I applied to year 5 pupils, I do it again to year 3. but the things that I found to year 3 pupils is that only 10 pupils can really understand what to do especially to add the numbers repeatedly to complete a multiplication of 6 or 7. So, they really need lots of helps from me. It takes some time to go around the table and helps them to do addition correctly. Then, after the 10 pupils finish their multiplication table, I decided to use their help by go and help their friends that struggle to finish the task. It was so great for me to see that they try to teach each other and that really good in learning experience I think.

After everyone got their timetable and I checked it, then I continued with drawing the birds. Then they started to colour the birds, cut it out and paste it on the wall.

Actually, I realized that I cannot really do activities for these children in the class. It will take some time to do the activities and I will have trouble to catch the syllabus for them. This problem was not only for year 3 but also for any year that I teach. I tried to maintain before but when the pupils need to take test at a few months after they learn, they will have difficulties to answer the questions because they were not learn some topics. Then, I realized that I need to teach faster to catch up the syllabus. I think this is the dilemma that the other teachers need to face too.

p/s: think, think, think....! :P

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