Sunday, July 25, 2010

Results...let's stay positive!

Few weeks ago, I heard some of my colleagues in other schools talking about the performance of their pupils in answering test questions. It is good to them to feel worry because when we are worrying it means that we concern about the things. But what we must remember is that do not over worry because it may cause bad things.

Back to the topic I want to discuss that is about the result of the pupils in the test. Here, I want to share with you the result of my pupils in year 5 for Mathematics from few tests that had been taken by them during the school period. Yeah, lots of red colour which means lots of failed and lots of TH which means lots of absentees.

It is quite a stress for me too see the performance of my year 5 pupils. I think I had tried to help them to learn mathematics with many approaches but then the results is still not really improved. It so difficult to teach these pupils and then want to make sure that they can apply what they learn in class.

However, after a while I realized that it is not on the marks that I should focus but it is on the pupils’ learning experiences that I should focus. They are special kids they needs lots of encouragements and motivations. They needs lots of time rather then the pupils outside. They still new to formal education. Some of them just come to school because they friends come without really know the objective. And some just come to eat and play with the pupils.

It is not the reasons that I seek but I want to tell myself that I need to have lots of passion and patient to stay teaching in this school. I want to help them as much as I can and as long as I am here.

I hope what I shared here can help to motivate some of my friends that stress out when they mark their pupils’ paper. Yeah, maybe you will say that I am teaching the Temiar pupils and they are in rural area, so I do not have things to worry about their performance. But please tell me which teacher in this world want to see their students get nothing after they teach with all their hearts? I believed all the teachers must have the same goal that want to see great things about their pupils where ever they are. ;)

p/s: the more you try and search things, the more you will discover…Stay positive Hafiz ;)