Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Diana - Better Late than Never

Diana is 9 years old this year. She is a shy girl but with lots of potential. I always observed her learning in my class and always asked about her to the other year 1 teachers. Actually, 9 years old means that this girl should be in year 3 already. But because she had skip year 1 and year 2 two years ago, so she needs to be put in year 1 class to make sure that she not shocked and have some exposure of classroom learning.

Diana learns very fast than some of the girls in year 1 class. Maybe because of her age, so she should learn higher. I really pity to her that she did not attend to school 2 years ago. I believed that she is a bright girl that has lots of potential to shine in this school especially among of her friends in year 3.

I asked her why she did not come to school before but she was so shy to talk to me. She just said that she do not know. Then, I met with her brother in year 6 and year 4. They told me that she is too shy to stay in the hostel. Their house is in Larek Village which is quite far from the school. Their father cannot send her to the school everyday. So, that is why she did not come to school before. Pity her but it was not her fault and not her parents fault too I think. It is just the situation that is too difficult for them to handle.

Few days ago, me and some other year 1 teachers had decided to move Diana to year 3 class. We believed that she should be ready now to be in the class that should be. I can see that she was sad for a while because now she needs to make new friends. But I think that is the best solutions for her. If we not move her now, I believed that she will leave behind a lot more.

Until right now, I still observed her performance in the class especially mathematics. Like what I had expected, she needs to learn so many things while she needs to catch up reading skills too. I tried to give her supports every time I enter the class. Maybe this is why I got the chance to teach year 3 at the middle of year. She is a hardworking and wanted to learn. So, I hope that she can catch up learning in the classroom and shine one day. Diana, you can girl!

P/s: got a durian as present in year 3 class today! hahaha...its quite funny when the durian smell all around the class and other teachers asked for whom durian was...and luckily it was for me. :) Thank you very much ;) haha

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