Monday, June 28, 2010

The New Time Table

I got a new class to teach start this week. I will teach Mathematics for year 3 too. It was quite surprise for me to teach Mathematics for another class.. So, right now I have 3 classes to teach Mathematics that are year 1, year 3 and year 5.

Its a bit of worry for me to teach this year 3 class in the middle of year. I was shocked at the first time I heard that I need to teach them. It is not because its hard to control the class or about the content but I just realized that i will need time to know about the children and study about them before I can really suit myself in teaching the children.

Unlike the year 1 and year 5, I already feel comfortable teaching them because I already know them about six months. And I believed that they also familiar with my teaching styles. So, for this year 3 pupils, its a pity for them that not only I have to learn about them but they also need to learn about my approach in teaching. I believed it will take some time.

Although this situation makes me worry, I still need to see this as a good oopportunity..who knows I will discover many great things after teaching this children. I already enter the class today. Luckily, I observed that some of the pupils were so excited to see i enter their class. I consider that as a good sign that will lead to a good start. I introduce myself to them today as it was my first time to meet them in class and I also let them introduce their self one by one. I hope that I can create a good relationship with year 3 pupils too later and hopefully, a good relationship between teacher and pupils will lead into a great result in learning.

I wish for the best to myself and the pupils. Right now, I need to discuss a little bit about the pupils performance in Mathematics and the topic that they already learn with the teacher before. I believed that a good discussion with him can help me preparing myself to teach year 3 pupils and continuing the lesson well.

p/s: I try to learn new Temiar word at least one words a day...sometimes I forget what I already learn....haha

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