Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learn to write your name ;)

I found that some of my year 1 pupils still struggling to remember to write their name correctly. They have problem to memorize which letters to use and how to combine the letters correctly to spell their name. It is a problem for me and other teachers when pupils having difficulties to write their name. For example, when I gave them a worksheet, it will take time for me to go around the class just to write their name. It will be better if they write it on their own so that I can save some time and focus on teaching aspects.

So, I had used one period of my Mathematics time to tackle this problem. I had introduced to them a simple way to make they know how to spell their name and pray that they will remember it too. I asked the pupils to draw their own face on a small paper. I believed that by doing this, pupils will appreciate their work more and they also excited to do it. Then, I prepared a name card for them. The name card was prepared by me using my own hand writing because I wanted the pupils to see authentic writing rather than use computer writing. It will be more original and relevant for them to copy writing.

After the pupils finish drawing and colour their drawing of their own face, the pupils will come to me and try to find their name. I had guide them by pronounce their name repeteadly until they can recognized what letter is use in writing their name. Then, they combine the picture and the card and paste it on the wall.

Right now, I do not have to write name for them anymore because they can copy their name from the wall. And, they did not really have problem to recognize their name anymore because they totally remember their drawing of their own face. Some of them now do not have to refer to the drawing anymore because they already can memorize it ;)

p/s: I think everyone needs motivation. Whether to whisper positive words to or by reading books, it all our choice and we need it! So, go motivate yourself!


  1. Salam Apis,

    This is a really good idea which i never tot to use. I'm also teaching native school in Selangor. Basically the pupils are almost the same like yours. Can I use your special way to help my Year 1 students?

    miss azurah

    1. Oh Miss Azurah, you need to pay me first before you can use my way...thats why I share it in my free blog :D hehe...just kidding... Yeah, use it if it will help you ;) Take care


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