Monday, July 05, 2010

Books = Knowledge = Exciting!

Last week, I went to a book shop after get an invitation card. They were doing a member sales for 4 days. So, before I went back to hometown on Friday after the school, I went for a visit to the book shop to observe some books.

While I was searching some book about motivation and self help that I really love to read, suddenly my eyes were attracted to some children books. There were lots of children books that really great but I was really attracted to two books there that are "The Great Big Book of Amazing Activities" and "Magic Tricks".

I found that this books can help me in my teaching and learning session with the Temiar pupils. I believed that some of the activities provided in both books were so exciting to be implement in the class. For example the origami that can be use in teaching Fractions and some simple magic tricks that I can use as the Induction Set.

I have a huge passion when it comes about books. One of things that I love to do is collecting books that I think suited my interest. When I was a student before, I do not have enough money to spend a lot on buying books but right now when I already have salary every month, I have save some money just to buy books. It is so great. Books for me is so valuable. From books we can learn so many things from basic knowledge up to language. I think in few years to come, I will have my own mini library...haha..that is what I dream.

Oh, back to the story about my visit to the bookshop, I was so glad that the books had offer for 50% on it price. So, without thinking much more I bought the two books and 1 motivational book on that day with the hope that I will read it and try to implement some knowledge from the books in the class later ;)

p/s: when the time that we feel want to give up, we need to realize quickly and wake up and then be strong! This is the crucial time for us to realized because most people quit!

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