Sunday, May 30, 2010

Teacher's Day Celebration in SK Kampung Kenang

The day was celebrated a week ago, but I waited until all the activities for the Teacher's day celebration to finish before post the entry about it. Yeah, the last activity had been done last week that was a Bowling Tournament between all the teachers and staff. Let me rewind again what had happened during the teacher's day celebration in this school.

Number 1 - 'Gotong-Royong' to clean and upgrading the school environment. This activity had been done a day before the Teacher's Day. All the teachers and parents came to the school to do some painting and cleaning the school. It was quite exhausted but it is worth to do because the school looks different especially to the buildings. It was painted with colourful paints.

Number 2 - The teacher's Day Celebration. Oh, so many great activity had been done by us during the day. Let me just list out the activities. I enjoyed every moment of the day ;). We have the formal celebration in the morning including the speech, then we continued with the great mini game including "coconut bowling", "kaki gajah"(elephant legs), "kaki hantu" (ghost leg) and "selak kain" (open the curtain). The mini game was so fun because all the teachers take part in the game. It was so cool to see all of the teachers playing the games while the pupils observed it. If in the class, most of the time pupils will do the activity but not this time. I felt so lucky to have a good time with all the cool teachers in this school.

Then, the celebration had been continued by a few performance by the pupils and the teachers. Some of the pupils recited poems in Malay language and in english language. They were good and I can saw that the teacher that trained them was very proud and so do the others. Then, the teachers also do a unique performance. All of us had performed "Dikir Barat". The "Dikir barat" was not only be sing in Malay Language but also in Tamil and Temiar language. It was so great to see all the teachers here doing the clapping and the movement in Dikir Barat. One more time I can feel that I was surrounded by a group of cool and great teachers. :) After that, there was a karaoke session and lots of teachers take parts in it including the headmistress. We were really enjoy the day and it was really fun. My first year celebrate The Teacher's Day as a teacher was a memorable one. Thank you. Oh, and most of all, I do got some presents and cards from my pupils even though I never expected it at all. Thank you... (I was not really expected that they know what is Teachers Day and also did not expect that they can buy present because they live far from any gifts shop- I just wrong!)

Number 3 - The bowling tournament between all the teachers and staff was held last week at Ipoh. I believed that this activity had strengthen our unity and really makes me feel good to teach in here. This is because I can feel that the teachers here not only work professionally as teachers but we all also having fun together. Thank you very much :) I believed that each school have their own ways to celebrate the Teachers day...and here what I had described was about my school way of celebrating the day :).

p/s: no matter where we are, we have the right to have fun and be happy! Who says people in the jungle do not have fun? They have their own way that you never expect ;)

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