Monday, May 31, 2010

Different bags for Different Purposes

I have some different bags that I bring to the class with different purposes. My pupils were already recognized all the bags and they were already used to it and know what will happened to the class every time I bring any of these bags. Right now, I have 3 different bags that have different functions. Let me introduce to you all the bags that help me a lot in teaching and learning session of the Temiar pupils:
Bag Number 1 - "The bag of Stationery" - This bags was full with stationery like pencils, sharpener, colour pencils and erasers. I always bring this bag to year 1 class because most of my year 1 pupils came to school without bring anything, so I need to prepare materials for them to make sure that they can write and do any activity in the classroom. But, after 5 months now, I can see some changes to the pupils, although they still did not have any bag to carry to school but they already have pencil and eraser in their pocket now. So, at least they know that stationery are important to them to learn in the class. Oh yeah, every time I gave the pupils to borrow the stationery from me, I will collected it back when the was class finish. I do gave a pencil to the pupils during the first class but they already lost it after a few days. So, I decided not to give pencils anymore. I want to develop a feeling of appreciation of materials given to them. They do not have this feeling so much right now because every time we gave something to them, they will put it anywhere they want and then they will lost it.

I can say that this bag is so popular to my year 1 pupils. Each time I bring this bag, the pupils already can guess that the activity will involved writing and colouring activity. This bags helps me a lot to make sure all the pupils can do the activity in the classroom.

Bag Number 2 - "The Group Work Bag" - This bag contains sets of number cards that been used to grouping the pupils. I usually used this bag in the year 5 class. Yeah, they were so familiar with this bag. Every time they see I bring this bag to the class, I can hear some voice
whispering about the group work activity that they will do on that day. At least they were guessing which group members will they be on that day.

It just so easy to do group work by having this bag. I just need to prepare group activity and then let the pupils take a card from the bag. Yeah, the pupils quite confuse at the first moment I introduce the bag but right now, I do not have any problem anymore to handle the group work. They already know how they will be divided into the group. Moreover, by using this bags, the pupils also will not stay in the same group but they will have the opportunity to be with any of their classmates as long as they got the same numbers.

Bag Number 3 - "The Gifts Bag" - This one is the most popular bag among all the bag that I bring to the class. The bag is always full with candies, sweets or any relevant things that I found suitable to be a present to the pupils in my class. Yeah, I believed that this Temiar pupils do need encouragement to learn by providing them with present during teaching them in the classroom. Sure you need to spend some money to buy the gifts but actually it is not much to spend. as long as you have something to give to the pupils as motivation, they will already appreciated it.

I did not always bring this bag to the class but I do bring it at least once a week. Sometime, I just give to the pupils that can recall any information that they learn before and sometimes I do give to the pupils that behave really well on that week or at least giving it to the pupils that finish all the work given to them. Teaching "orang asli" is not as same as teaching the main stream pupils. This pupils really need lots of motivation because they do not really know what are the purpose of coming to school.
Sometimes, I do feel shy to bring so many things to the class. But after a few months here, it is not a big problem to me anymore. I think the other teachers here are also use to see my bag too...hahaha.... Luckily they are so supportive. I just need to make sure that I can keep doing the good things as long as I am here...

p/s: Learning to motivate self everyday :)

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