Thursday, May 13, 2010

River! oh Nature ;)

I love staying in this village because of the nature. so beautiful and so fresh. The best one is the river. It is still good as it should and no water pollution. The water is so cold and come fresh from the mountain. Whatever bad feelings or stress comes to you, I believed that it will fade away after enjoy playing and swimming in this river. Especially when the weather is so hot, river can cool you down.

Playing with this kids in the river and laugh with them is so great too. Yeah...they were use to swim and play in this river than I am. I live in Alor Setar where everything was not very in good manner anymore. In my place, the river had already been polluted and so not nice to see. It so dirty with rubbish and dirts. And lots of buildings are going to grow in my place. (but I still love my hometown...haha)

I'm so glad to have this opportunity especially having some fun with this kids. As I expected, Romzi (the passive boy in year 1 class) suddenly turn to an active kids with lots of smile. So great to play with him and to see him be so energetic. wish he turns active in class too ;)

p/s: motivate pupils but do not forget to motivate self ;)

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