Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Me, tie and rural school

Some people do asked me why do I still wear a tie when I already teach in a rural school. They said that no one will care about what you wearing here and you will look weird as no other person wear it everyday to school.

The answer is so simple. I like wearing a tie while wearing the shirt. It makes me confident to teach and to meet others. yeah, I choose myself to do what I like. So, no matter what people will think, I keep doing the things that I like as long as it is right. Oh, and I do love wearing tie because I like to match it with my shirts. I think I have lots of different colours of tie and every time I buy a new shirt, i will always buy a new tie too.

Who said we cannot wear a tie in this rural school. why should I put a limit to myself, right? Where I am now, should not effect what I should wear or what I like to do. I think its better we change the place than the place change us. That is better. life is too short to make limitation. I think there are so many limitation already in our life. So, sometimes, we need to broke one. As long as you think you like to do things and it is good and right, just do it! You know you will feel great ;) Cheers!

p/s: searching ways to keep positive with any things that appear in life ;) When there is a will, There is a way


  1. my senior told me that we cant wear tie with short sleeve shirt

    this is based on protocol....bcause it look like a cashier...i dont know the truth of this story

  2. really?hu3...but for me, I'm comfortable wearing a tie with a long sleeve shirt...to apis just do something that u like as long as u don't break any rules...


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