Monday, May 10, 2010

Answering Questions Campaign!

The mid-year examination is just around the corner. After a few test before, I already can expect my pupils attitude towards the examination. They do not care about it much. I think all the teachers were nervous more than the pupils do.

The atmosphere is so different with my schooling time. I think when the examination week, I start to feel nervous because I want to get good marks. Not only me, but other friends also feel the same. We can know from their reaction and on what the topic is discussed on the week. However, I do not want to blame this children. Maybe they do not have lots of exposure with school and what pupils outside of their village learn in school. Yeah...this is still new to their culture.

What i observed with this pupils is that they were so scared to make mistakes. During answering the questions, they were not busy writing on the paper, but I can observed that they were busy rubbing the paper... It so frustrated to see that kind of spirit. Some of them busy sharpening their pencils and drawing!

So, I decided to do something to prevent this attitude to continue (especially to my year 5 pupils). I started to give motivation on answering the questions even though they will do mistakes. For the examination paper, I asked them to complete all the questions even though they jusy copy the questions. I do not care what they will learn from it. My purpose is just to make sure that they doing something to the paper and during the exam. I do not want to get the clean question paper as before anymore. I promoted to them that whoever can complete all the questions (doesn't care right or wrong) I will give them sweets.

I am doing this campaign not because I want to expect them to get the good result, it is about to make them feel that answering the questions is important. It is about developing the attitude of feeling that trying is important. Telling to them that doing mistakes is not a problem. Making them realize that human beings learn from mistakes! Sometimes mistakes can give us meaningful experiences that we will not forget in our life and will not repeat doing it in the future.

I know that this campaign works at least for 80% of the children. I already started it since February and now already May... I can see some differences to some pupils. Yeah...not all...but some of them started to change. That a good sign I think.

p/s: Don't count your chicks before the eggs hatch ... need to remember this...anything can be happen

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  1. AnonymousMay 11, 2010

    salute you enough to make them familiar with situation...if u can do is a good for them..u just make me i give an enough effort to my student??did they got all the input i gave for them?..thanks dear...