Tuesday, July 09, 2024

How do you cure your disappointment?

I have been trying to write about this for quite a while. I found it is a bit hard to write as I try not to offend anyone, especially when you know that you sometimes write based on the immediate event that happens around you. Some people, if they care to read my blog, might think it is personal and it is about them. Somehow the point of reflecting in this blog is more about me expressing thoughts that I have, rather than talking about people.

Anyway, I, as a normal human being have had the experience of feeling disappointed or being let down by people. No matter how many times I told myself to separate the feeling from professionalism, I still somehow get to feel it. I tend to blame myself and guilt trip myself to feel it was because of me and my own fault. I think disappointment relates closely to our expectations. We expect positively and think that things will go our way but then the opposite happens.

I try as much as possible to do things without too much expectation but with positivity. But I always fail when it is involves other people. You always want to believe that what you give you will get back. But it will never be that simple. What you give, you might not get back straight away but you might get it back later on after feeling down and depressed. Going through the moment of feeling down and depressed is the hardest part and somehow you need to pull yourself together and keep moving forward.

I guess the best way is just to keep going. Face the difficulties, face the problems even when you think you can’t. Even when things seem so dark and overwhelming. Keep pushing yourself and have a tiny understanding that time will heal and problems will be solved!

PS: easy peasy to say but difficult to do 🤭

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