Thursday, June 27, 2024

home for a short holiday

I went back to Kedah for a holiday and also to celebrate Eid (Aidil Adha).

I had a long weekend this time and my parents have moved to a new house located nearby Simpang Empat Kangkung, Kedah. This house is literally in the middle of paddy fields.

Being here definitely is something that I look forward to every time. Interestingly, even though I am not born to be a farmer, I love these surroundings. The view, the air, the birds, the wind and the scenery of Gunung Jerai were really breathtaking. My dad and my mom both are very happy with their decision to move there. We are also really happy with it.

It feels like there are more things to do: to plant, to fish and also to farm chickens. I enjoyed walking down the road every evening as well as riding the motorcycle around the village - what an amazing thing to do.

The Eid celebration was quite simple and easy this year. All of my siblings were home except for one of my brothers. You know what, sometime you just want to be there and to be around your family after a hectic time in the busyness of work and life in the city.

ps: have you tried talking to chicken or fish?

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