Sunday, February 12, 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

January 2023 has ended, February comes and I have only wished a Happy New Year today. I guess better late than never.

2022 happened pretty fast. Even though things started to get much better after the pandemic. I think 2022 somehow taught me many valuable things that I treasure for life. I'm growing older now and hopefully wiser too. Some lists of things that I learnt:

1. Appreciate people and be kind always.

Sounds very familiar and clich├ęd I think but somehow I think to appreciate people and to be kind are just the things that you need to keep telling people to do. To kids, to adults or to family members. I struggle to remind myself sometimes so I hope by writing this down will make me remember to always being appreciative in whatever conditions and to be kind in whatever situation. Especially being a bit sensitive and thinking a lot about small things that happen around me; I just need to be reminded again and again.

2. Time is precious! Just do it!

Sometimes when you think you are not ready to do something or start something different, I think you just need to do it. If you keep waiting, then you never start. Start small is alright but just start-lah! Another year comes around faster than you can ever realise. I still feel stuck in the mind of a 25 year old but in the body of a 37 year old man! haha

3. Be brave and believe in yourself.

I think as human beings somehow we always face the challenge of feeling nervous and scared when we want to do something different or something new. I always have this problem thinking that people will judge me and that my idea is not good enough. I have learnt to fight the feelings and to be bold sometimes. 

I guess this list of things I learnt in 2022 sounds very familiar and usual things people write down. But sometimes usual is what we need. Okay, that's all for now and happy new year 2023! May this year fill us with many more interesting journeys that will lead us to many more learning experiences.

PS: Waiting is a part of a process!

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