Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Second visit to Mauritius: Awesome

I have just returned from my second trip to Mauritius and am now on my final day of 7 days of quarantine in my apartment in Malaysia. This second trip to Mauritius was amazing and I am so glad that I have achieved certain goals for this trip. The main goal is to visit Dr. Kit after about 2 years since he left Malaysia. I am so glad to see him healthy and enjoying his job in University of Technology Mauritius (UTM). 

Secondly, we managed to do an important discussion on work based on ARM and I am looking forward for the next meeting. I also had a chance to do an online discussion with Prof. Joy and Dr. Claire after so many years of communicating through emails. They seem fine and we are all definitely awaiting for the project to continue! Let's do it.

While I was in Mauritius, I have done some incredible things as follow:

  • Flying and controlling the seaplane at La Prairie Beach - it was an incredible feeling ever!
  • Quad biking in the cane fields - the rush and excitement that you feel inside your body while driving the bike.
  • Viewing the incredible 7 coloured earth - peaceful in a lot of ways.
  • Playing and having fun in Curious Corner - I had so much fun laughing and goofing around.
  • Gazing The Martello Tower Museum - time for the history.
  • Staying a night at La Case du Pecheur/Fisherman's House - beautiful, stunning photographic view and adventurous in some ways.
  • Enjoying the view by the Pointe aux Caves Lighthouse in Albion.
  • Celebrating Christmas with Dr Kit, Maureen, Aimee, Karina and Pieter.
  • Swimming jovially at the beach.
  • Visiting UTM and meeting some lovely people who work with Dr Kit.

I am so honoured to be able to do this visit even though we are still in the middle of the pandemic. I am glad that there are SOPs developed to help us all to be able to connect with one another. Most importantly, be nice, be generous and follow the procedure to make travel easy for you and easy for everyone else.

PS: Happy New Year 2022!

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