Thursday, June 03, 2021

4 years as a PTD and keep striving!

This past few months, since beginning of 2021, I have been facing writer's block! My writing on this blog is always simple and is based on my experience of what happened around me; but still I failed to write. What a nightmare to have!

Today I decided to force myself to write and reflect on what have I learnt this past 4 years as a PTD. I decided to acknowledge that my new circumstances have affected my writing behaviour. Before, when I was a teacher, the subjects to talk about felt wide and huge, as I was trained to be a teacher for 5 and a half years. Then, the topic of education was big and wide for me to explore.

Now that I have changed career path, I somehow have less confidence to talk about education and give my personal views and opinions. Today, I started to realise that this just doesn’t make sense! I am very passionate about education and even though nowadays I do not teach or have a direct connection to education anymore, I am free to share my experience, knowledge and passion about. There are no boundaries on what my passion should be and it should be fulfilled as long as it gives benefit to other people.

Anyway, starting a new career at the age of 30 was quite challenging. Your colleagues are fresh graduates and have started on the same level with you. It only bothers me every now and then when I feel like my experience before starting this new journey has been disregard and forgotten by people. 

No matter what happens, I will keep trying my best; and what ever challenges come, I will face it with dignity and integrity!

PS: waiting patiently for the next steps!

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