Sunday, November 29, 2020

5 Tips I learnt from moving an office!

Last month, I was busy handling moving out of my office into a new building. The location of the new office was not far, only about 5km away. However, the work was very demanding. The old office was big, with about 1000 assets in the building (various types of assets, for example, cupboards, computers, tables and so on). The number of existing officers is only 14, but the department was a big department with about 100 officers previously.

We hired a removal company to assist the work of wrapping, carrying and installing the assets. The work took about 3 weeks to finish overall. Here are some reflections on what I have learnt from the experience:

1. Planning and preparation helps to smooth the process

Before the work started, we had several meetings and lots of preparation work needed to be done. For example, tabling out the quantity of the assets, measuring the lengths, labelling all the assets and the locations and so on. I think without proper planning, the work will be sluggish and we would not finish on time. 

2. Be open minded to adjust with any unforeseen circumstances

When the work started the movers came in and wrapped the assets and brought them to the new location. Many unpredicted events started to unfold. Many changes needed to be done and many decision needed  to be made fast and comprehensively. At this time, one needed to think quickly, get as much feedback as possible and then act fast. Be ready for plan B, C, D and so on if plan A does not work. Be ready to be creative and act differently.

3. Working together as a team

This is so crucial in order to achieve success. Working together as a team and helping each other is so important. We needed to understand that there will be some of us that need to think and work harder. So we made it easy for that person by helping him. It is so important to put aside selfishness and focus to finish the work. Everyone needs to play their part.

4. Communication is the key; miscommunication is the enemy

This is so important to remember. Check your facts. Never truly believe something that you heard from a third party. Always remember to check what been said so that there will be no miscommunications. Miscommunication can give bad consequences not only for present but also for later.

5. Stress and tiredness are temporary; there’s a rainbow after the storm

The work really made the whole team - and me - tired and stressed sometimes. It demanded physical work and also strategic thinking or else things will be a mess. No matter how demanding it was, always remember after the hard work, that everything will be back to normal and we can enjoy working in a new environment.

PS: Smiling is magic!

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