Saturday, October 31, 2020

Learning in a short period of time

I have learnt from a few really interesting experiences even during only a few months in new department. At the moment, I am in a department involving human resources particularly focussing on competency.

Here are some experiences that I have learnt from in a short period of time:

- Managing examinations on a big scale

When I was a school teacher, the exams mainly involved my kids in the school, specifically the kids in my class. But here, the numbers are much bigger and the management needs to plan really well so that everything is synchronised.

- Managing timelines

Time passes really fast if you do not follow the timeline that you have planned. The worse part you always need to remember is that not everything will follow your rhythm. There will always be obstacles that will come and drag your timeline down!

- Making a wise decision; being new is not an option

Interestingly, being a new person in a new place will not make you that privileged.  Somehow you just need to make the wise decision for the sake of everyone!

PS: More to come and more to learn!

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