Sunday, May 31, 2020

Coffee Talk with Khairul Aming, Zaidi Aziz and other amazing content creators

Yesterday at about 3pm I had a chance to have a private online video session with some well known content creators in Malaysia. The session started with an introduction of each member and was led by Khairul Aming. The other participants were Zaidi Aziz, Fara Kamal, Amirul Ekhwan and Asmat Omar.

The session gave me a lot of insights into what to think about and what to plan for content created via social media. I think maybe I am so used to writing on a blog which is about 11 years since 2009, that it makes it a bit hard for me to change the style. At the moment, the comfort of writing, and hiding behind it, is something that I appreciate I have.

But I look forward to learning and creating better content for the blog and the brand. Through the discussion and sharing session also, I started to understand more about behind the scenes of the content creator. It makes me thinking about planning for future ways of preparing the content for my blog and possibly for my other social media channels.

The best thing was that the discussion was honest and deep; thinking about and reviewing what we have now and what we can do in the future. Learning from one another is amazing and I think what Khairul did in the session was very future thinking! Great!

Hope that everyone will keep creating great content for their channels and keep inspiring and impacting society!

Here is a short a clip for you to look at:

PS: stick to what you know while learning about new techniques

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