Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

It has been 14 days since the Malaysia Government decided to implement the Movement Control Order starting 18 March 2020 to fight the pandemic of Covid-19. Covid-19 has impacted the whole world and is making everyone worry.

I am on my own in my apartment doing my part as a responsible citizen. It was my final week working at the Ministry of Education and I should have started working at my new department the week after, but I am here at home! I think its is very important to follow the guidelines and advice at this crucial time to avoid human contact and to be hygienic. The guidelines sound simple to do, but are not as simple to carry out.

I guess we are used to having human contact and interaction, suddenly when we cannot do it, it is something challenging. Everyone needs to stay at home at the moment and, as simple as it sounds, it gets people bored and stress. When a normal day is not normal like we are used to, we tend to complain and some started to break the rules.

I think that the best way is to look at this is as a war in which we are each a fighter. The enemy is not to be seen by the naked eye but is always out there ready to fire when we are not ready. With being at home alone or with family, we are fighting the war with the best weapon that we have. But, once we leave the weapon, we might get hit by the enemy at any time. Look at it that way; look at the time spent in your home as the best weapon to fight the evil virus. You might think that your responsible action of staying at home does not give any impact to fight Covid-19; but you are wrong. Your action can safe many lives! We can do it!

I decided to spend this time focusing on my writing and translating. While enjoying trying new recipes; keeping in touch on the phone with family and friends and also watching some TV series and doing exercise (trying my best to do 30 minutes a day).

Let's all do this. Give our best to fight the virus by staying  at home and avoiding human interaction. We can do this!

PS: Stay strong everyone!

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