Friday, November 03, 2017

no expectation

When I first started to learn about the job scope of a PTD, I already put some boundaries to some of the scope for example managing procument, infrastructure or finance. I wanted to avoid doing the work in these areas as I learnt about the complication and busyness of the nature of the work during my study time at INTAN. For the first posting of course you hope to learn slowly and getting ample time to grow.

However, as per usual, things get out of control. You have no power to determine and choose; and I ended up at a place that was out of my expectations. Anyway, I am used to this experience alre
ady but I guess sometimes it feels new. Last time I checked I ended up running in the orang asli school and sweating in Africa! So, I guess this is just another challenge that will grow me physically - I mean my stomach and meantally - I mean my stress level (haha).

After about 5 months working in Perlis, I think I have experienced quite a challenging journey as a new PTD. Working in the state somehow you need to be the main person to manage the procument unit. This means that I need to lead and make sure I carry out what have been planned through out the year as well as organise and plan new activities coming up.

I have been so busy (hard to explain), not just in the office trying to learn new skills and knowledge. I have also been busy going here and there for meetings, workshops and visits. I have experienced busy before but never in this way. Sometimes it gets me excited because I can feel the adrenaline running through my veins but sometimes I am just a tired human being. Sitting there at the corner, I just want to be lazy and chill when I got time for myself.

Anyway, it is always better to be busy than to be lousy. Are you up for a new challenge in life?

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