Tuesday, October 24, 2017

back to the blogging business

I guess it is the right time for me to get back to blogging again.

I am now working in the Perlis Education Department - specifically handling the procument and assets for schools in Perlis.

Never I have imagined that I would be posted here, nearby my family, to start working in a small state like Perlis.

I have found it challenging as a new officer to be in charge of a busy and demanding unit and role but what is a challenge if we are not up to it right? Like it or not, going through the journey is a must and to try our best is our priority.

Many new opportunities to be taken as well as new knowledge to learn. New surroundings to adapt to and positivity is always the key power to handling successfully any situation.

Once again, I do not know where this road will take me, but the steps will definitely bring me to be a wiser and bigger stomach...oopsss I mean bigger person.

PS: What a feeling to be far from traffic jam!

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