Thursday, October 06, 2016

The week of Public Finance is here!

I have been trying to finish my writing on my OBS experience but it seems like it is a slow process. I want to finish writing it but there were too many things to write and I feel like I will miss some important part that I learnt and experienced. So, I decided to write this entry first.

This week we has been introduced to a new subject - Public Finance Management. The subject is described as one of the tough subject in this programme; and again it makes me nervous. It has been 3 days now that we learnt in the class. There are so much details and deep information that I believe that theoritically hard to evidence and later when you go to work, practically it will help you to learn better.

We have got the group assignment questions. The question looks simple and easy but actually need us to discuss in details and prepare a comprehensive example on a topic of tender.

Okay,  as the class will finished late in the evening, not as per usual, I should go to sleep early tonight!

PS: never mind what otrhers think about you, what you think about you matter most

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