Sunday, September 25, 2016

on the bus to Lumut

I'm on the bus heading to Lumut now. It's time for Outward Bound School (OBS) - one of the most challenging activity that we need to finish in this course. We will be in Lumut for 7 days without phone and internet connection. So, I'm writing this to make sure that this blog is updated beforehand.

Yesterday, I had a good fun with my friends. Even though I have been forced by them to go out for an early breakfast - which I want to skip because I want to rilex and sleep and enjoy my weekend, they kept calling me to join and even knocked on my door.

Then after the breakfast, we went for shopping for outdoor activities equipment like buying bag, gloves, towel and so on. We also went to Mid Valley to had some lunch and buy more stuff. It was nice to spend some time with friends on a busy weekend.

Only later around 11pm I started to pack my bag. If took me a while to sort everything because my experience of camping before was mainly on 3 to 4 days. Ghis 7 days of camping kinda new experience. I really don't want to miss anything to bring. My concept when I pack my bag is "better extra then not enough" hahahaha

OK, I should get a rest before I arrive to Lumut. Yesterday was nice. Thanks to Najib, Saiful, Ahrif, Masziah and Wawa!

PS: Hope everything will be good in Lumut! See u in a week!

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