Saturday, September 17, 2016

...the end of the semester break...

I have just arrived in INTAN at about 8 a.m in the morning. I said my goodbye to my family at midnight. After a few stops for coffee, toilet and rest - finally I arrived safe and sound, driving my car. I love and enjoy the journey. After transferring my bags to my room, I decided to continue my morning with a bit of running and simple exercises - about 30 minutes.

Actually I am a bit worried about my fitness level and body weight. It seems like I have been stuck at the same level for a while. I believe something is definitely not right with my diet or exercise. Looking at fit people around me in the campus, it heightens my level of worry...haha... It seems like everyone else is ready for the Outward Bound School. Something needs to be done by me!

Being at home for a week felt refreshing. Able to be with my mom and dad, just being around them I feel comfortable and secure. We even managed to celebrate my dad's birthday together and surrised him with a cake just before midnight. He was already sleeping at that time ...huhu... but it was definitely a moment to remember. Oh, my dad is 60 now! wow! time! you fly so fast!

Hopefully this time around more positive things will surround me. Negative feelings, please go away. Go disturb someone else or just go away lah... haha!

PS: Congratulations to Rohaizat and Maznida for their newborn baby! I found a perfect gift for you! Wait for it! :D

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