Thursday, September 15, 2016

a week holiday

Yay! Finally I'm in the middle of a week of holidays. I'm in Kedah now. It's really good to be back here and to see my mom and dad, my siblings and the house in Alor Setar. It is about two months now since the registration day.

Last week, I took the final exam for Leadership and Strategic Management Module. The examination was fairly tough I think. The questions were open ended questions that need you to think carefully, strategically and creatively. I have tried my best to combat the questions. Now, it is time to pray that I have answered what is expected!

A week after the semester starts, my group and I will go for a week of outdoor activities. The day before I left INTAN for my holidays, we were given the details of all the activities that we will need to do. As much as we need to prepare the materials to go there, the most important is to make sure that we will be physically fit. That means that my holiday for a week is not a week of relaxing and chilling only. I need to force myself to do some training and preparation...aha... (seems like nothing happens so far :D)

We have been doing some training in the evening time. But according to the trainer, it is still not enough and it needs to be regularly done. Activities like kayaking, rowing, jungle trekking are waiting for us there. If we are not fit enough, trouble will come!

Okay, time to go to sleep now. Tomorrow is another day. Let's hope for the best and all the negative feelings and thinking will fade away...

PS: Estansix!

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