Sunday, September 04, 2016


Yes! I have survived the first week of the second module - Leadership and Strategic Management. It was a busy week if I included the physical training that we required to do as well. I mean the class from 8 to 5, plus the walking distance up and down the hills and the physical training in the evening and finishing the individual assignment and group assignment at night time - fuhhhh, I'm glad I am able to just rilex and chill on the weekend!

In this module, we learnt about Blue Ocean Leadership, Islamic perspective and also creative nd strategic leadership. I found it is interesting to learn as well as I never really study on this subject before, in fact I always try to avoid taking leadership subject when I decided to do my masters before. I found that leadership sounds easy but actually requires a lot of energy, bravery and confidence. So, if I can avoid I will...hahaha... But being here now, I need to absorb as much information as I can to be used in my future endeavors.

We had two assignments to do in this module. The first was writing assignment where we got individually essay to write on the theme given by the lecturer. I had been given a topic on deforestation and Islamic perspective. The assignment was imited to 3 pages only. I tried my best to do the writing by connecting 3 major points which were deforestation, leadership and Islamic perspective. I found it was quite challenging to write the assignment. Maybe my explanation here is much better than my real assignment...haha...

Then at the same time, we also received a group work assignment. My group need to watch devil Wears Prada and look around the leadership and followers characters. We need to present our findings and do the presentation on Friday which was the same due date with the individual assignment. So, I hope you can imagine how busy was that doing the assignments simultaneously. We did it anyway! We even added some role play in our presentation and I played Emily character (embarassing moment of my life...hahaha). 

Anyway, one more week to go on this module and the final exam will come at the end of the week. Study, study, study!

PS: Hapy Merdeka Day! Sometimes you just need to keep quiet and let the truth works its way!

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