Friday, December 04, 2015

The Key Word Game

This is another activity that I have been doing in my class this week - The Key Word Game. I think you will be familiar with the game later when I describe how the game works.

First of all, I wrote the key words that the students have been learning during the classes on small cards. For example in Curriculum Development = curriculum, school, teacher, etc.; Foundations of Education = theory, education, syllabus, etc.; Research Methods = methodology, experiment, explore, etc.

Then, one students need to act out or draw clues to get the other friends to guess the words right. The rules are:

  • The student cannot speak and can only act out 
  • The drawing must not involved letters
It was fun activity to start the class. The good thing is, it also got the students to be familiar with the key words that they have learnt before. They should know the context of the key words and not just do a random guess. It was quite busy and noisy when we did the activity because everyone was trying to guess the answer correctly!

PS: the more you push, the more tense you get?

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