Thursday, December 03, 2015

3 Stars and 1 Wish

I was introduced to the 3 stars and 1 wish activity during my B.Ed time. We learnt that giving peers feedback is one of the way to get students to involved in their own learning. Today, in my Curriculum Development class, I introduced the activity to my students.

The number of students in this class is small. There are only 13 of them. So, it is always easy for me to prepare materials for learning to them. Not much to prepare! I made some small cards with 3 stars and 1 wish and distributed them to my students.

In today's class, the students needed to present their understanding of curriculum approaches form an article. There were 3 groups presenting, meaning that each person will get 2 cards. Each person will be able to comment to another 2 more groups. Each of them needed to focus on the presentation and find 3 positive things to feedback as the STARS and then 1 target for improvement as a WISH.

The activity sounds easy to do, however, if you rarely compliment other people, it can be a bit difficult to write the 3 stars. Peer feedback is a great way to practice feedback as feedback can make us better!

PS: Decision has been made!

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