Thursday, December 31, 2015

Does the shoe fit you?

Every time I move to a new place, these questions start to ring a bell: Will I survive here? Will it fits my needs? Will I be able to fit the place's needs?

I believe that you never know know until you try to be there and experience it on your own. Rather than listening to other people's advice only, you are better off getting to know it on your own. When you go shoe shopping, I believe you will try them first before you buy them right? Of course you can just buy shoes according to your size, but later when you get back home, you start to realise that the shoes do not fit you well! I bet you do not want that to happens...
I think in reality we need to do the same as well. But of course in real life, it takes more
than just a pair of shoes to be wrong about. There are a lot more consequences that might happen to you. But better to try than never. Better to know the real things rather than to know things based on assumptions.

I think sometimes you just need some courage to dive deep and get to know the underworld. If there is nothing there, then get ready to go up again. But if there are pearls inside, collect as many as you can... just don't be greedy... aha...

Okay I am actually not so sure why I am writing this. But I am sure that something is bothering me lately. Something that leads me to think this way/ Actually, I like like it because somehow it makes me think positively and motivate myself to keep trying!

PS: Wah! New Year coming soon! 2016! #GoodbyeMrLaurie

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