Saturday, January 31, 2015

...experience to absorb...

Okay I should write something this week or else it makes my week feels incomplete..aha... Nowadays I am always aware of myself if I do not write anything. It feels like I did something wrong. There is a dependency to this blog, or an attachment, bonding! ahaha...of course I have know this since I first started blogging. It is not just about writing.

This week was very up and down week for me. So many experiences to absorb. A good experience is great to motivate you. Bad experiences can be very hurtful sometimes, but still they can teach you something. Focusing on the bad experience, sometimes when you are dealing with it, you will find it difficult to take out what is the learning experience. Then after a while, you learn something from it. This does not mean you can suddenly change and stop doing it but it means that you started to acknowledge it. Acknowledging something in your mind and heart is good right? It is an accomplishment. At least I think it is. :D

Yay! A long weekend is coming. Hope everyone is safe and enjoying your days.

PS: The not so sure what to up;date day...aha...

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