Friday, April 25, 2014

The Apples

It was about 11:30 p.m at night time when I suddenly changed my mind. I couldn't stand it anymore. By just looking at them and thinking about tomorrow, I could never sleep. The thought of it made me anxious and couldn't close my eyes. oh Apples!!!

I had to prepare food for the kids in SK Jalan Selangor 1. I bought apples as one food to put inside the goodie bags for the kids. Having the thought that the kids will eat the apples straight away without washing the fruit made me anxious and nervous. I can't risk the consequence, even though I know that apples are not that risky for the kids to get food poisoning.
I decided to jump from my bed, take out the apples from their nets and wash them. Then I drained the apples, used tissues to wipe the water away and put them back inside the net! Such an efforts! ahahaha...i only finished the job at about 2 a.m!

OMG such a hard work to just think about it again. But I found it worth it and it made me smile and no more worries...!!!! ;)

PS: An apple a day keeps the doctor away///??? :D

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