Saturday, April 26, 2014

treat opinions and ideas well

You know that I'm not always right. You should also know that you are not always right as well. opinions are just opinions. It does not mean you need to agree and it also does not mean you need to disagree. You can have your opinion about something and so can others.

It is very important to appreciate an opinion and treat it well. Or you might shut people off from giving their opinions and ideas. Sometimes we tend to forget about this. We tend to think that only one thing will be right and the other thing will be wrong (at least by the way we treat it). The next day, we realise that actually the opinion and the idea that we thought were wrong are the right ones and the other way around.

I like to see that ideas and opinions should be wide and free. To be open minded. To be treated equally. How many great stories are there about opinions and ideas that were initially turned down suddenly becoming big? (For example: Harry Potter, Facebook, the earth orbits around the sun). An idea that was once impossible and unimaginable suddenly becomes real and big!!!

Let's now started to appreciate ideas and treat them properly. No harm to have a think about ideas and opinions from others and put them aside nicely when not right yet. Who knows what will happen in the next seconds, the next minutes, the next hours and the next days!!!

PS: keep thinking :D

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