Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just go with it!

Believe it or not, my one year studying International development and education changed a lot of my perceptions and beliefs of this world. especially towards society and education. The experiences that I have been through, living, studying and making friends from all over the world, experiencing new cultures and adapting, are experiences that can never be exchanged by anything! Priceless!

It was a very different experience from when I went to the UK on a visit, with a group of students, compared to going there all by myself. There, on my own, my survival skills were at the edge and the push factor made me try to adapt my thinking to fit in with my friends. I'm so glad and happy that I chose to do this course! 

Some people might think that they understand what I experienced. They assume they know about it but they have never used the same road that I chose. They have never experienced the difficulties and challenges. All they can do is to just assume and then throw out their opinions. I always appreciate others' opinions, but then again we can never push people to think the same as what we are thinking right? Or else there will be no variety in people's behaviour.... We might think we understand and have experience of studying overseas, but we have not experienced the same situations, the same friends, the same thinking or the same environment. 

When I was in Ghana, I experienced the feeling of respecting each other. Whatever colour you are, whatever your race and your beliefs, you work together to achieve something without having any doubts. In Malaysia, the problem of negative feelings towards other races is quite big, even though it is often unspoken. I guess we need to find a way to be more tolerant so that we can move forward. The differences that we have should be celebrated, not condemned. The different backgrounds of my course mates who went together with me to Ghana made me learn so much more! China, Australia, UK, US, Greece and Nigeria... such a great group! 

I have made a big decision in my life... Yeah, I believe some people agree and some disagree with my choice. Still, no one knows better than yourself. Whatever happens happens and it's time to take some risks. It is easy to stay in the same comfort zone, but then you can never know how much more you can go and achieve...

I am not sure where my decision will lead me. Maybe good, maybe bad...but if I do not make this decision, I guess I will never know at all... The process of learning has not ended yet and I want to take this chance and learn more. No one will understand this probably, but we live just once and I choose not to live by others' opinions of what I should do. Probably some want to see me fly higher and are honest with me; but some probabaly can't wait to clap when they see I am falling and fail. Still, I want to make my own choice even though it might be the worse choice ever in other people's minds...I want to make the biggest contribution that I can to other people, to education, to society. That is what drives my decision, my choice, my life.  ;) 

Better to regret doing rather than to regret not doing it at all...

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