Thursday, December 05, 2013

Winter congregation

Wow! Such a long day! I should go to sleep now but I want to end this day by sharing my happiness in my blog first. I have so much fun today at the winter congregation. At last, I'm officially received my masters degree...ahaha... after a while I have been talking about it, now it's done!

I wish I'm here with my family :( However, the cost is too high to come together to the UK. I'm glad that lots of friends were here celebrating the day and Dr. Kit also came and join me in the ceremony! Yeah!

It was good fun to experience the graduation in different place. During my degree before, the convocation was held in Putrajaya and the students were more than a thousand. But this time, the students were a bit smaller and the ceremony felt friendlier where you can observe everything easily and everything run smoothly!

When it was my turn to go to the stage, I was so nervous but so excited! I guess I was just smiling all the way! Who doesn't enjoy the day you officially finished your study right ;)

This is just end of a small journey and I believe that there will be bigger things waiting for me and for all my friends in the future! Congratulations everyone! Yeahhhhh!

PS: Never getting use to the cold weather!


Superb! ;)