Monday, March 11, 2013

Ghana's 56th Independence Day Parade (6th March)

 why need perfection when we are happy with imperfection?

 "Oh my god! Wonderful, beautiful performance! Oh my god! Ladies and gentlemen just look at that" said the two speakers when the Omega schools' students started to march.

 It was the celebration of Ghana Independence day today. This was the second edition for Omega schools to celebrate it together. Children from the 20 Omega schools chain came to march and enjoy the celebration. The field looked yellow with the T-shirts they were wearing - the Omega school uniform.

The celebration started with a few music and dance performances from some children. It was so good. The children who performed looked very confident and happy to dance. I think that dancing and Ghanaian culture are very close. It is very interesting.  I was touched watching the kids marching. They do it with so much patience and determination. One by one the schools marched and showed their motto proudly. The other interesting part was to see the teachers marching together with the children! That was wonderful!

Ken gave a very good speech during the day. I wrapped up 2 things that he wanted his children in Omega schools to have and practise in their life to be successful which are vision for the future and a good attitude. I agree with him because a clear vision can make people aim for goodness and a good attitude can make sure the person is always on track to get the vision.

The ceremony continued with a few more dances from the children. Then followed a fantastic gymnastic performance which amazed me.

Really enjoyed the celebration as well as

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