Friday, May 18, 2012

stop singing or it will rain! :S

After a few days not in the school as I went to the national teacher's day celebration and also went to visit Kuala Lumpur with year 6 pupils, so today I met with my year 1 pupils again.

Yeah, I brought them to the mathematics lab as per usual. Today, we do a revision on subtraction numbers because next week will be a mid year examination. My pupils always confuse to subtract with addition. So, that is why I do the revision on this topic.

So, after do explanations, modelling on the white board and recall their subtraction skills, I gave them exercises on the paper. So, the drama started soon enough after everybody got the paper. Some can do it with no helps but some of them need lots of guidance before they can really do it. So, it's quite wild environment in the lab.

Suddenly, while they were busy doing the work, one of the pupils started to sing song. Then another one started to sing with him, and then one more, more and more and everybody were singing the song. it's fine for me and I also singing the song with them while helping them to glue the exercise paper in the book. It was fun!

After a few minutes, Din out from no where stand up, tell people to stop singing and make stop sign using his hand. He looked very serious and everybody stop singing and listen to him! Then right after that he said "Please do not sing anymore, I want to go back home after this, your guys sound like calling the rain to fall down!"

Wahahaha! I can't stop laughing to think about that. So funny Din to say that when he also do the singing part! too cute to say no! But they keep singing after that and finish the work ;)

p/s: Does frog really call the rain?


  1. Ha ha ha. so cute la Cikgu Apis. mmg btol pengaruh peribahasa katak panggil hujan.

  2. I try to give my best answer for your last question :P
    frogs croak when raining because when their skin is moist, they breathe through their skin then they can croak through their mouth! :P

  3. Gan THockMay 21, 2012

    Ha ha ha ... that's why we say children are meant for heaven! Love your children!

  4. awwwh~ this is cute! cant wait to become a teacher too.. :D