Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day 2012!!!

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers in Malaysia or anywhere you are. This year teacher's day comes again. For me it should be celebrated by anybody that ever teach any single knowledge to anyone. That means everybody! Yeah!

It's quite interesting celebration this year. Life through my eyes: the book has been launch in the national Teacher's Day celebration! Yay! But more than that that makes me really have a good time was meeting with some other local authors, famous author in Malaysia actually. There are 14 other books has been launch together with LTME like book from Anis Ayuni, Nora Fuad, Ruzain Syukur, Razali Saaran and many more. It was a greet experience for me to meet them and exchanges some experiences and get some advises from them. Thank you so much and Happy Teacher's Day to all of them!

p/s: Already met some famous authors, so maybe in the future will meet some famous bloggers! :D

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