Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time to go back ;)

It's very late at the moment. 2:46 a.m in Thailand (minus one hour to get time in Malaysia), and I have to wake up earlyin the morning tomorrow for the flight. I have a good time here. Even though this is just a short visit and busy meeting but I learnt a lot from this trip.

I met with lots of great people here in Bangkok. I met with the wonderful Andrew Bathell, the important person in Teachers TV and also have spend time to listen to his speech and discuss with him personally. I am so happy too to meet lots of great people from Thai Teachers TV and PICO. What a fantastic, warmth and extraordinary welcome from them. I also managed a day meeting and speech session with the dean and lecturers from the Education Faculties from 5 universities which were Chulalongkorn University, Kasetsart University, Silpakorn University , Srinakharinwirot Prasarnmit University and Taksin University. I think everybody were so happy and have a good time in that session.

I was so glad that I done my presentation to them successfully too. I thought I will be so nervous until cannot talk too much but I was wrong...haha...maybe the welcome and the smiles from all the audiences makes me feel comfortable, or maybe the help that provided by Dr. Kit takes out the worries that scratching my heart! Thank you ;)

I'm looking forward to bring back the good things that we shared here to my kids later in the same time I believe I also left something for them to take and keep and spread to their students...(Good things I suppose...hehehe)

By the way, as the same region and the look that I have, sometimes people that I met here just speak Thai to me! It was great to know that...I wish I can speak Thai back to them, but I'm so sorry, I don't learn it yet! Hehehe... Maybe next time eh...?

p/s: Have a really good time standing, chatting, and watching some performances tonight! Now packing home!

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