Sunday, November 20, 2011

You choose it

We make the decision! Yep, we are... We the one who will decide which one we want to choose. Even sometimes it is very difficult to choose, whether other people's opinion will involved or the environment around us take part in the desicion making, at the end we the one who will decide what to choose!

When you look at someone's achievements or having a difficult time, you the one choose to feel what you want to feel. When someone achieved something, you can celebrate it or you can hate it. Same thing when you see someone in a bad situation., you can choose to see it positively or you can think negatively and start to blame that person... Yes, you choose it! For example, when you see a person failed examination, you can choose to think that he was lazy and never study and he deserved it. Or you can also choose to think that on that examination day, something happened to him like getting ill and thats what makes him failed. See, you choose what you want to think.

Sometimes when you doing something that you like, it doesn't mean that other people will like it too. Although it is something good, people will always try to find some bad points or mistake to put the blame on you. Can you imagine what happened if it's a bad thing? Of course it will be worst because they can put the blame straight away.

It's fine. Time will change everything. I think if the things around you are difficult to change, then you need to find ways to go out from it. Sometimes thing will never be better except you go out from it. If you keep wishing thigs will turn as what you want, maybe it takes 100 years but if you find ways to move on and create a new beginning, maybe it's difficult but it's worth trying

p/s: some people like to see you become successful but maybe some are not. Better Beware!


Superb! ;)