Saturday, November 19, 2011

Congatulations to year 6 pupils SKKK year 2011!!!

Yay! The result for UPSR was already out. we managed to get through it. Even though this year we do not get so many pupils to pass all the subjects but why should we be sad, because there are a few things to celebrate!!! :)

3 pupils successfully got pass for all the subjects, Amin, Supriwati and Rozaidi. After the hard work Amin got 2A, 1B and 2C and Supriwati and Rozaidi Both get 1A, 1B and 3C! Yay for them!!!

For Mathematics subjects, 14 of them pass the paper. 3 of the pupils mentioned above and also Safuan, Angah, Jauhari, Izuani, Norafaieszah, Zahira and Diana . You guys manage to pass as expected! Great job!

And then 3 more that surprised me are Azura, Arina and Azila. See, I told you guys that if you never stop trying you will get it. And the most surprised came from Baizura from year 6B! She also pass the paper!!! Yay!!! Congratulations!!!

Then, for Malay language there are about 20 of them pass. Even for the writing part 10 of them pass with A!!! That's a huge achievements. For Science 9 got pass and for English 4 of them got pass! I think that is great achievements :)

Don't worry for those that did not pass the examination. There are many things waiting for you for the future. This is just one of the obstacle during your journey. It's fine...don't get upset. as long as you believe in things you are doing and be positive towards the things happened around you, you will make it! Life is not just about get a good result in examinations :) It is more than that!

Good bye year 6 pupils SKKK for year 2011. I wish you all a great life and a better future. I wish you all the best and I am going to miss you guys :) My first year 6 batch! :) Take care always and never give up!

p/s: Thank you for Ben Ashaari for helping to promote the Social Reflection Network video :)


  1. alhamdulillah..tahniah cikgu!!..membaca perkongsian cikgu ini, dapat saya rasa kegembiraan dan keterujaan cikgu..teruskan memberi yg terbaik untuk mereka

  2. that's really great.. congratulation to all ur students.. ^^

  3. Great job Hafiz, not to forget your subjects, your 2011 Year Six pupils. Keep up the good work and wishing all including yourself the very best for years to come.

  4. hafiz, happy for you and your year 6 pupils. I especially like your words for those who did not get through all the subjects! This is what made you different from others! Believe in our Orang Asli pupils, never give up on them and never abandon them! It will never be too late for them to work for a better life!


Superb! ;)