Monday, October 17, 2011

waiting for the moon

I'm just sitting doing nothing much this late afternoon, waiting for the night to bring the moon together. Today was a great day. I shared some of my experience with some university students.It was great time and great experience!

These few weeks were so different. I never thought that things will be different. This blog has make so many changes and so many achievements too. I am so glad that my ideas, opinions and feelings been valued by others... thank you so much.

However, I also face lots of dramas and challenges towards the journey and I do believe that there will be a lot more challenges ahead. I think that is normal when you want to go somewhere or you want to get something... even if you are in a car and want to go to a destination, you need to fill the tank with petrol, sometimes your car broken, the tyre flat or you lost the way... that is the challenges that you face. It will be the same in the journey of life!

You will find a lot of people supporting you but maybe in the same time you will find out that some people will try to find faults and see you failed... My advise: Stay strong and be nice to people!. Let them be bad to you but you do not have be bad to them :) It is difficult but it is better... You know what? it's not worth at all to be the same kind like them... ;) hahaha.... Whatever... :P

I am not a perfect person...but I try to move towards it! yep...that is what we are...just a normal human being...

I am so grateful with everything that happened and I hope it will never change me and forget who am I and where I come from...InsyaAllah...

p/s: meeting with BPG in Brisdale Hotel tomorrow...Thank you for inviting me... Another great experience ahead!

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